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October 30th to November 6th

Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain

Join us in Andalusia to move from love & intuition, connect to your inner goddess and explore movement & inner freedom.

A Female Movement where we share our passion for yoga, dance & femininity in order to connect women with their inner goddess & each other. 

Have you ever asked yourself what is your role as a woman here in this world? Who would you like to be? How would you like to feel yourself & what your most authentic essence is?  

Us, women have spent years being told that we have to be more, do more & act in a certain way to be accepted & loved. All whilst trying to run a full-time job, look after a family, keep a home, maintain our physical, spiritual & mental well-being & be amazing friends & loving partners! It’s exhausting to be a strong independent woman right? 

We spend most of our time in our masculine energy by “doing”. Always on the go, instead of just “being”. We have been conditioned by our society to oppress our divine feminine energy: denying ourselves, our pleasure & power; and sometimes when we let it out we even feel ashamed of it. This has led us to feel like our wild sensuality has been locked in a cage. 

The result of this is an endless cycle of feeling like we're not good enough, not perfect enough, not loveable enough, or just not enough in general.

To name a few side effects…We often feel burnt out, depressed, having low self-worth, pretending to be somebody we’re not, having weak boundaries, always giving, comparing and competing ourselves too much with other women instead of cheering each other up. 

We're longing to live a deeper, more meaningful life & to connect more authentically with ourselves & others.  It's one reason so many women are cut off from their most authentic essence.

Can you connect to this & just feel like letting it all out in order to get to know the beautiful goddess inside you?

Here’s the call sister. 


This Wild & Sensual Womenhood Retreat is designed to help you slow down, free your mind, body & soul, so that you can reconnect with your divine feminine, heal your heart, love & accept all that you are, feeling worthy & empowered, in order to share your authentic essence with the world. 

It's a tri-junction where yoga, dance & you meet.

Moving according to what feels good to you, your mind & your body. Allowing yourself to express who you really are from freedom. Movement is the language of our bodies and the answer to let our emotions flow instead of getting stuck in ourselves, physically and mentally. 

What Makes This Retreat Special

We offer a holistic program helping you to disconnect from your day-to-day life & rebond with your inner authentic self & like-minded souls. 

Every day is dedicated to a specific theme such as passion, wild & free, sensual & sensitive Womanhood & much more. Our classes are based on those topics & the schedule includes a variety of different activities such as:

​- Intuitive yoga (Flows, Meditations, Pranayama- breathwork, Yin-Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Partner Yoga)
- Dance Classes ( You learn the basics of different Energies & Styles like Female Dancehall, Afro & Latin) & on top
-We dive deeper with different types of workshops like: guided Journaling exercises, Daily Morning circles, Letting go ceremony, Woodfire Freedom Dance @the ocean...
- Workbook:  you get a prepared book with inspirations, summaries & space to write down your thoughts & impressions.

You will: 

  • Get to know different styles of dance, their origin & figure out how they are connected to femininity

  • Travel trough yourself & your surrounding trough intuitive yoga

  • Explore the feminine & masculine energy with the importance of both.

  • Get to know different ways in which you can handle both energies & harness them in yourself in order to fully embrace the highest most alive version of your life.

  • Learn that it's okay to be both: wild & sensual /strong & emotional.

  • Explore what divine feminine energy means to you.

  • Live the beauty of womanhood 

  • Go on a journey to dive into your own female essence, beauty, sensuality & power.

  • Get to know your inner goddesses.

  • Go out of your comfort zone & try something you've never done before.

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Tarifa, Cádiz

There could be no better place to feel wild and free than in Wildhouse Tarifa, a home in between pine trees and the ocean.
You will have everything to enjoy and nothing to exploit. A place to dream, share and stay wild. An old country house rebuilt with love and respect for the nature that embraces it. 
Tarifa itself is the perfect paradise to unwind your mind, deeply drop into presence, and let your wild and sensual goddess free, to reconnect with the beauty and bliss that you already are. There will also be enough time to explore the beautiful surroundings of Andalusia, watch the sunset above Africa and feel the Spanish lifestyle in our free time, to help you integrate your discoveries and learnings.



This Retreat is for all women who are tired of this constant feeling of being trapped, who are ready to break out of their cage in order to set their wild and sensual soul free. Free to express themselves in this world in their most pure and authentic way.
If you want to feel yourself to the fullest, desire a journey back to self-love, confidence and the natural empowered state you have within you, you are so welcome beautiful sister!



In order to feel good we need to eat good.

Our three fun-loving doers with an absolute can-do spirit will make you happy for a week with what they do best: combining & sharing their passion & love for good, healthy food, human interaction & their two homes: Bavaria & the world. 

They know what you already love about vegan & vegetarian dishes, but they still have the necessary courage to spice things up, to bring a wave of fresh & new flavors with our international experience, because that's what the ultimate taste experience is all about.




What fascinates me are people and their stories. Even as a child, I was not interested in superficial things & small talk, but in the profound: why you are the way you are & why you feel the way you do. That's why I love to offer you a space in my classes where you can just be who you are & how you want to be! Because you also give me the chance to do what I love most & what makes me happy: through rhythmic movements from dance, fitness & special exercises with a focus on our female curves (our center hips, waist, stomach, legs & bottom) back to my origins & find trust in my own body. And it is precisely this feeling of self-love, which I can gain for myself through this, that I would like to pass on to you in my classes.

Certified Barre Teacher , Dancing since she can walk, Deep Dive Female Dancehall, Reggaeton, Bachata, Afro, & Latin-Styles. Teaching Dance since 2016. 

Alternative practitioner for psychology 2020, practicing Reiki & love to mix dancing with spirituality. Currently working in a bodymindtherpay studio. Creator of Female Movement.


From a very young age I was amazed by the human mind and emotions. Therefore since I was a teenager my priority has always been to work on my mind and emotional skills, in order to offer the world the best version of myself. Although the path to self-knowledge is not easy or pleasant, yoga, meditation and writing have always been my main teachers. In some way, each of us chooses which tools we want to heal with, although I feel that they chose me. In 2013, while studying and working in Edinburgh, I was invited to a yoga class. Without really knowing where I was going, that practice that seemed to be merely physical ended up guiding me through life and helping me connect with its true essence. The following year, I decided to go for a solo trip to Latin America. A six-month trip ended up taking me six years across the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Although at first that journey taught me a lot about who I really am, in the end showed me that the real deal is that life is not only about us and our ego, but about love towards other beings and nature. 

I believe movement is medicine, so my classes are full of freedom, connecting to your intuition and giving space to just feel and be who you really are within you, love.

Currently, I share yoga and meditation to help others to reconnect with their inner truth and peace. As a social educator, I carry out socio-educational intervention projects related to sustainability and the environment, and the practice of yoga and meditation as therapy with vulnerable groups.

Yoga and meditation teacher since 2017. Vipassana meditator. Essential oils educator. Mindfulness coach.

Social pedagogue bachelor's degree and Master's degree as a Spanish teacher for refugee people and asylum seekers.



After that date - 955€

You can also join the retreat without accommodation for 650€ (all classes, activities and meals included)

*This rate includes 7 nights at Wildhouse Tarifa, all vegan/ veggie and delicious meals, dance and yoga classes, workshops, meditations & ceremonies.

***Flights to Málaga or Seville & shuttles from and to airports are not included, but we can help you organize the best route for you.


• Up to 60 days before the retreat starts: 100% of the purchase price will be refunded

• 59 days to 30 days before the retreat starts: 50% of the purchase price will be refunded

• 29 days to 0 days before the retreat starts: 0% of the purchase price will be refunded

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