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October 27th to November 3rd

Los Caños, Andalusia, Spain

Join us in Andalusia to FLOW, FEEL & EXPRESS

Feel the beat of your feminine power & move according to what feels right to you, your body & soul.

Are you really aware of your sacred feminine? Aware of the power and wisdom we women contain within us?

Once we embrace this powerful energy we can surrender to the beauty of life & live the most authentic version of ourselves ♡

Flow, Feel, and Express is a unique 7 days experience designed by women & for women to connect deeply with themselves and each other through a variety of movements: yoga, dancing, pilates. But also a variety of movements inside: self-expression workshops, nurturing female circles, and creative activities that allow you to explore and express your innermost emotions.

Take this time to slow down, feel your body from the inside out, and learn the art of body language to authentically convey your feelings. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and empowerment in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Flow: Experience the serene and powerful flow of the ocean through your body and mind with our yoga sessions. Each practice is designed to help you move fluidly, connecting breath with movement, and aligning your physical and mental state. Embrace the ebb and flow of energy as you deepen your connection to yourself and the natural rhythms within you.

Feel: Discover the richness of what lies within you. Our workshops and activities are crafted to help you delve into your inner world, uncovering and embracing your deepest emotions. Learn to listen to your body, understanding its signals and the stories it holds. This part of the retreat is about reconnecting with your true self and acknowledging your inherent wisdom and intuition.

Express: Unleash your feelings through the liberating power of dance, allowing your body to speak what words cannot. Participate in female circles where you can share your experiences and emotions through your chosen words, in a safe and supportive environment. These sessions are designed to foster authentic self-expression, helping you to communicate your inner truths and build meaningful connections with others.



SACRED FEMININE is designed to tune our natural rhythm, the rhythm of nature, to free your mind, body & soul, so that you can reconnect with your divine feminine, heal your heart, love & accept all that you are, feeling worthy & empowered, in order to share your authentic essence with the world.

What Makes This Retreat Special

We offer a holistic program helping you to connect with your essence & rebond with your inner authentic self, life & like-minded souls. 

Every day is dedicated to a specific theme such as passion, feminine self-knowledge, sensual & sensitive womanhood & much more. Our classes are based on those topics & the schedule includes a variety of different activities such as:

​- YOGA: Explore this ancestral practice to deepen your self-knowledge (meditations, pranayama- breathwork, different asana styles, philosophy: the art of living...)
- DANCE:  the basics of different energies & styles like Female Dancehall, Afro & Latin & on top.
- We will dive deeper with different types of tools: WOMEN CIRCLES, JOURNALING, CEREMONIES, PILATES, MOVEMENT...
- Workbook:  you get a prepared book with inspirations, summaries & space to write down your thoughts, process & impressions.




Andalucía means 'land of light' in arabic as we have an average of 316 days of sunshine per year.

Sun, white little houses, stunning beaches, mozárabe architecture, tapas, magical sunsets, smiley people & timeless landscapes. This is Andalucía.

THE LAND OF LIGHT has truly something special and we are so happy to host this transformational week in such a paradise and inspiring place.

Our home will be this stunning villa surrounded by wild nature. This house has space for 12 women, a pool, a private yoga shala, & a garden and livingroom where you can chill and relax.

Every room has two separate beds, a closet and a private bathroom. We provide towels, soap & hair dryer.




In order to nurture ourselves we also need to nurture our bodies and minds.
Our chef will take care of us by sharing her passion and love for the local/international cuisine.
All ingredients are vegan-vegetarian and from the garden to our table.
Most of our fruits and vegetables in Spain come actually from Andalucía so we are in the perfect area to eat fresh and healthy.



This retreat is for all women who:

- are seeking to deepen their connection with themselves and others.

- wish to explore and embrace their feminine power, whether you're a seasoned yogi, an avid dancer, or someone new to these practices looking to slow down, reconnect with your body and emotions, and express your true self in a supportive community.

- everyone who is ready to flow, feel, and express, and leave with a renewed sense of empowerment and self-discovery.




Swabian roots. Mexican heart. Caribbean passion & joy of life.  

What fascinates me are people & their stories. Even as a child, I was not interested in superficial things & small talk, but in the profound: why you are the way you are & why you feel the way you do.

I think my natural purpose in life is to offer people a space in which you can let yourself go, be free from social pressure & norms, arrive at yourself for a moment & be who you really are. 

What’s my favorit way to do it?

My creativity & thirst for adventure has no limits, I stand for & share: sensuality, passion, joy of life intersectional humanism. Cross-cultural awareness.

Through Dancing i I help women* to find back to their trust in themselves & their bodies, help them to feel & express themselves.

Certified Barre Teacher , Dancing since she can walk, Deep Dive Female Dancehall, Reggaeton, Bachata, Afro, & Latin-Styles. Teaching Dance since 2016. 

Alternative practitioner for psychology 2020, practicing Reiki & love to mix dancing with spirituality. Currently working in a bodymindtherpay studio. Creator of Female Movement & a small café.



From a very young age I was amazed by the human mind and emotions. Therefore since I was a teenager my priority has always been to work on my mind and emotional skills, in order to find peace and understand others. 

Although the path to self-knowledge is not an easy or pleasant one, yoga, meditation and writing have always been my main teachers. In some way, each of us chooses which tools we want to heal with, although I feel they chose me. 

After 10 years traveling, working and studying along the 5 continents, I'm now back at my roots (andalucía) sharing my passion with other women for mental health & self-discovery through yoga, meditation & women circles at LA SALIDA ES HACIA DENTRO

I also love to share these tools along humour, equanimity and acceptance 

Vipassana meditator, death doula, yogini, social worker and social educator.





Single bed in a sharing room with another woman in the same path + private bathroom and toilet: 1200

*This rate includes 8 days & 7 nights at our villa, all vegan/ veggie and delicious breakfasts and dinners, access to the pool, garden and all the amenities, a bike to explore the area & have your own freedom at any time, dance and yoga practices, workshops, meditations & ceremonies.

***Flights to Málaga, Jérez or Seville & shuttles from and to airports are not included, but we can help you organize the best route for you.


• Up to 60 days before the retreat starts: 100% of the purchase price will be refunded

• 59 days to 30 days before the retreat starts: 50% of the purchase price will be refunded

• 29 days to 0 days before the retreat starts: 0% of the purchase price will be refunded

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